Legendary Cougar is at the 2014 Cougar Club of America Western Regionals!

The 2014 Cougar Club of America Western Regional Car Show is happening RIGHT NOW!

2014 Western Regionals Preliminary CoverEighty Classic Cougars are gathered in Oakley California creating one of the largest Cougar Shows in the past decade.  The show had such incredible response that it actually SOLD OUT well in advance. But don’t worry if you missed the show, Legendary Cougar is there producing a special event publication to document the event.

Every Cougar attending will be included in the show book that is expected to fill almost 100 pages. Rich Truesdell will be doing the photography so you can expect some terrific images.

Look for the Special Edition to mail in the end of July.  This special edition is not included in subscriptions to Legendary Cougar Magazine.  If you are a current subscriber, just log in and place your order. For new orders just follow the link. Remember, your user name is everything in your email address before the @ sign.

Order Legendary Cougar at the 2014 CCOA Western Regionals NOW!

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