Legendary Cougar Magazine Print Version: Important Update

Volume 1 Issue 1 Print Version Has Been Delayed

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1The print version of issue one of Legendary Cougar Magazine has been delayed at the printer. The magazine is now scheduled to go into the mail to subscribers next Wednesday, June 4th. Delivery to your address is expected to take three to four days.

We expected to receive the print copies by the end of last week, or at the latest today, Tuesday, the 27th; however, we have learned that the printer did not ship the magazine on a timely basis. As of this morning, the magazines are now in the hands of UPS in South Carolina, and are expected here in Phoenix no later than June 3rd.

We are extremely disappointed that this delay has occurred and we apologize for the inconvenience. In the future, we will allow a longer window for the printers in order to avoid this kind of problem.

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