Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2 Is Here!

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2The second issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2 is online now. The first print run will be completed soon. Print Plus Online and Print-Only subscribers to Volume 2 should receive their printed copies of Issue 2 by soon after November 5th.

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In This Issue


  • Family Affair – Suds Reddy, a life-long Blue Ovaler, has the best of all worlds, a supportive family including a daughter with gasoline in her blood stream, and what is quite possibly the best documented, most original first-generation classic Cougar Rich Truesdell has ever seen.
  • Calgary Cougar – Tim Prieur, a Ford guy going back to his childhood in Calgary, Alberta, has not one but two Cobra Jet convertibles, a 1971 Mustang and this month’s Second Generation feature car, a 1969 XR-7 convertible that has its own extensive paper trail and tells Rich Truesdell its story.
  • 2017 Lincoln Cougar – Rich Truesdell works out a business plan for a new-generation Cougar as a rear-wheel-drive 2017 Lincoln. Illustrator Dan Lindquist sketches a two-door and a polarizing four-door version.
  • Light Up the Night – Bill Basore shows you how to upgrade your Cougar’s exterior lights with modern LED bulbs.
  • The One That Didn’t Get Away – Tony Chrisanthis found the car of his dreams in 1972 and let it slip away. He tells Bill Basore how he grabbed it years later. Luigi Dioniso grabs the shots.
  • Now That’s Illuminating – Dim dash illumination is the bane of classic Cougar owners. Bill Basore has the fix.
  • The Missing 1970 Boss 429 – The Boss 429 was the culmination of an intense effort to dominate NASCAR. Bill Basore discovers there was a third, streetable Boss 429 built, and tells its story.


  • Cat TracksLCM co-editor Rich Truesdell spent a lot of time on the road in August and September, meeting up with Cougar enthusiasts in New Jersey and Alberta to photograph two cool cats.
  • Event Coverage – CCOA members Bill Pratt and Cliff Gardiner report on the East Coast Regionals from Sturbridge, Massachusetts where Cougar designer John Aiken, the lead designer for the 1967 Cougar, was the special guest.
  • Cougar BookshelfLCM co-editor Bill Basore looks back into history in Car Craft magazine at how a W-code 427 ended up with a 428 Cobra Jet and ultimately found its way to Phil Parcell’s garage.
  • Cougar Collectibles – Hot Wheels collector Mark Fletcher talks about Hot Wheel Cougar history, new Cougar Hot Wheel releases, and one of our own, Rob Matthes, who is a Design Manager at Mattel Hot Wheels.
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