Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4 Is Here!

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2 Issue 4The fourth issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2 is online now. The first print run will be completed soon. Print Plus Online and Print-Only subscribers to Volume 2 should receive their printed copies of Issue 4 by May 30th.

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In This Issue


  • Tall Tale – Dennis Littlefield is a big guy, as he says, five foot, 21 inches tall but that hasn’t proven to be an obstacle to owning a Cougar. He tells his story to Ken Swirsky on how he’s updated his Canadian cat and hopes to attend the Cougar’s 50th birthday in Dearborn in June 2017.
  • Not So Mellow Yellow – Many years ago John Strewe owned a 1969 Cougar. After selling he regretted it and went looking for another. He never found his old car. He found something better; under the hood was a 428CJ and as he tells Bill Basore, this is the car of his dreams.
  • Mystery Eliminator – The production statistics didn’t add up: the Boss 302 was only available in the Eliminator, but there was one that appeared to have found its way into a standard Cougar. Bill Basore and Mike Banks investigate the paperwork trail to confirm such was not true, their conclusions were verified by none other than Kevin Marti.
  • A 30-Year Love Affair – It has taken Rory McCrudden more than three decades to bring his 1972 Cougar XR-7 back to life. But it took an unexpected push from his mom to get the car out of her garage to get the restoration moving forward, as he tells LCM‘s Rich Truesdell.
  • NASCAR’s Grand Touring CougarsLCM‘s resident Cougar historian looks back at a virtually forgotten part of its history, NASCAR’s Grand Touring Series. NASCAR’s answer to the SCCA’s wildly popular Trans Am series provided Mercury with the championship that eluded them in Trans Am’s 1967 season.


  • Cat Tracks – It all began almost exactly 50 years ago. Co-editor Bill Basore kicks off LCM‘s Cougar Anniversary coverage.
  • Cougar NewsLCM makes its annual pilgrimage to Fabulous Fords Forever! with Maxx Kominsky reporting.
  • Cougar Marketplace – Co-editor Bill Basore reviews the recent Scottsdale sales while looking forward to Mecum’s Spring event in Indianapolis where two big-block second-gen Cougars will be available.
  • Cougar Bookshelf – Bill Basore explains how eBay is a great source for back issues and how the arrival of Motor Trend‘s annual August preview was cause for celebration at the Basore household.
  • Cougar Collectibles – New LCM contributor and long-time modeler Maxx Kominsky celebrates the re-release of AMT’s 1969 Cougar Eliminator 1/25 scale kit by Round 2 who has acquired the tooling from Ertl.
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