Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 5 Is Here!

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 5The fifth issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 5 is online now. The first print run will be completed soon. Print Plus Online and Print-Only subscribers to Volume 2 should receive their printed copies of Issue 5 by August 10th.

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In This Issue


  • In Tribute to Jim – Two years ago Rich Truesdell met Jim and Charla Baubel and photographed Jim’s 1967 Cougar hardtop. In 2015, Jim passed and LCM gives Charla the opportunity to tell the classic Cougar community why Jim considered the Lime Frost Cougar one of his children.
  • Full Circle – In keeping with this issue’s standard model theme, Bill Basore connected with Rob May who owns a very uniquely-equipped 1969 Cougar hardtop. It’s one that lacks factory air conditioning but does have the ultra-rare Comfort Stream power ventilation option.
  • Keeping Your Cool – One of the issues facing many early Cougar owners are cooling system problems. Bill Basore identifies many problems along with solutions that will improve your Cougar’s driveability.
  • Rocky Mountain High – Forty-five years ago Mark Giskaas walked into Don Rebal Lincoln-Mercury and purchased a 1971 Cougar convertible. Its history tells us that before it made its way to Great Falls, Montana, it was part of the Western Region lease pool. Rich Truesdell tells its unique story.
  • Cougar People: Kevin Marti – His name is familiar to almost everyone in the classic Cougar community, but how did Kevin Marti come to acquire all those Ford production records? Bill Basore sits down with Kevin to learn the story behind all those tens of thousands of Marti Reports.


  • Cat TracksLCM Co-editor Rich Truesdell recognizes the efforts of Georgina May and Sue Giskaas who photographed their husbands’ 1969 and 1971 restored, standard model Cougars.
  • Cougar News – LCM makes its annual pilgrimage to the CCOA Western Regionals. CCOA President Gavin Schlesinger reporting and Luigi Dioniso providing the images.
  • Cougar Marketplace – Co-editor Bill Basore follows a 1970 Cougar Eliminator equipped with the Boss 302 motor and the Super Drag Pak option, a no-sale in January and coming back up in September.
  • Cougar Bookshelf – Bill Basore talks about how as a teenager he hid his copy of the Autolite Hi-Per Parts catalog from his parents, and now how it’s required reading once again.
  • Cougar Collectibles – It’s rare when one comes across a rare Cougar collectible in an antique store and even rarer when two Cougar enthusiasts, Rich Truesdell and Rob May, conspire to acquire it.


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