Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 6 Is Here!

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2, Issue 6The sixth and final issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 2 is online now! The first print run will be completed soon. Print Plus Online and Print-Only subscribers to Volume 2 should receive their printed copies of Issue 6 by November 5th.

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In This Issue


  • Youth Movement – Most classic Cougar owners and enthusiasts fall into the “mature” demographic. Many wonder who will carry the torch into the future. LCM Co-editor Rich Truesdell talked with 21-year-old Stephen Chernow, whose Cougar roots go all the way back to when his grandmother would give him rides in her cat. Acclaimed photographer Richard Prince provides the visuals.
  • Black Cat – Those who are familiar with the 1969 and 1970 Eliminators know that they were available in a very limited color palette. Researching his new book, Selling the American Muscle Car: Marketing Detroit Iron in the 60s and 70s, author Diego Rosenberg found a 1970 Eliminator in black, its special paint verified by a careful examination of the car’s Marti Report.
  • Eight Track Cat LCM Co-editor Bill Basore spoke with Richard Gunn, whose 1971 Cougar convertible sports a throwback to the 1960s and 1970s: a fully operational Ford AM/FM/8-track player. As his licence plate frame proudly proclaims, “This Car Still Plays 8-Track Tapes.”
  • Muscle Car Music Machines – Co-editors Bill Basore and Rich Truesdell, both with roots in the car audio industry, look back 50 years. Before there were streaming audio, iPods, CDs, and cassettes, there was the 8-track. The 8-Track tape was the first pre-recorded format developed specifically for automotive applications. What many don’t know is that the Ford Motor Company played an integral part in the launch of the 8-Track for automotive applications.
  • Japanese Cougars – Did you know Cougars were manufactured in Japan in the 1960s? Tin type toy Cougars, that is. Rob May shows off his rare tin type Cougars with trick photography from wife Georgina, who staged a pileup of tin toy Cougars.


  • Cat Tracks – The small team that puts together every issue of LCM, including Deb and Bill Basore and Rich Truesdell, explain that each issue is a labor of love of all things classic Cougar. And the trio explains what we need to do to continue this intrepid undertaking.
  • Cougar News – Deb and Bill Basore take to the road, driving from Arizona to Oregon to attend the annual open house held at West Coast Classic Cougar. The best part is the great photography for this story contributed by WCCC’s Andrew Chenovick.
  • Cougar Bookshelf – You never know what gems will show up on eBay. Bill Basore reviews Shop Tips from Ford which outlines all the new model introductions and charts the changes for 1967 across the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury model lines.
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