Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 3, Issue 1 Is Here!

We’re Back

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 3, Issue 1Although we did not come close to hitting our subscriber goal, Rich and I decided that it would be completely wrong to stop publishing Legendary Cougar Magazine in the year of Cougar’s 50th Anniversary.  We will have to work on a shoe-string budget, and my children may end up with back issues of the magazine as their inheritance, but we are committed for another six issues.

The first issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 3 is online now! The first print run will be completed soon. Print Plus Online and Print-Only subscribers to Volume 3 should receive their printed copies of Issue 1 by May 5th.

Forget to Resubscribe?

Don’t worry, you haven’t blown it completely. You can still subscribe by clicking one of the links below:

But don’t delay! There will only be 50 extra copies of the print version of Volume 3 Issue 1 in our first print run, so if you don’t resubscribe now, you may have to wait longer to receive yours.

What’s Inside


  • Better Than New – Ted Taylor is a skilled photographer who just happens to own a 1968 Cougar that is restored to perfection. Originally owned by his aunt, he talks with LCM’s Bill Basore about the car’s story going back to the day his aunt drove away from the dealership.
  • The Marrying Man – Few of us know the joy of being the original owner of their Cougar, but Richard Hoffstadt does. In 1970, he “married” not only his XR-7 hardtop, but his wife Charlene as well. He tells LCM’s Rich Truesdell the story of this love affair that’s now spanned 47 years.
  • Bad Gas LCM’s resident D-I-Y tech expert, Bill Basore, explains the right way to renew the fuel system of a long dormant Cougar.
  • Member of the Family – Joel Cehn has owned his 1971 XR-7 convertible for more than 30 years. He tells its story to Rob May while Rob’s wife Georgina May gets some beautiful shots of Joel’s convertible on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway.
  • T7: The Genesis of the Cougar – After the Second World War the Ford Motor Company was a mismanaged mess. Henry Ford II brought in the “Whiz Kids” to right the ship. One of the Whiz Kids was Robert McNamara who was the executive who green-lighted the Falcon. In a multi-part series, Bill Basore explains how the 1960 Falcon became the 1965 Mustang and ultimately the 1967 Cougar.


  • Cat Tracks – We’re Back! LCM Co-editor Bill Basore explains the delay in the launch of Volume Three. He also talks about some of the celebrations that will mark the 50th anniversary of the September 1966 launch of Mercury’s Cougar.
  • Cougar Marketplace – Bill Basore analyzes some of the high-profile Cougars that crossed the block at January’s Mecum auction in Florida and the Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. His take? Some fetched less than expected, while one stood out as having been very well-bought.
  • Cougar People – A pioneer of the classic Cougar community and the founder of the Cougar Club of America, Tom Jacobellis, passed away in January. Bill Basore talked with Phil Parcells and together they pay tribute to his contribution to the hobby.
  • Cougar Collectibles – Gary May has been a Cougar enthusiast from the day he graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1968. He’s passed down his passion for Cougars, especially gold Cougars rendered in scale, to son and LCM’s new Editor-at-Large Rob May. He shows off the duo’s collection of Cougars in sizes ranging from N-gauge (1/160) to popular 1/18th scale die casts.
  • Cougar BookshelfLCM Co-editor Bill Basore looks at the July 1969 issue of Motorcade Magazine that revealed the Cougar Eliminator prototype. Dana/Spicer introduced an innovative two-speed rear axle. He wonders out loud why it was never offered.
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