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Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 3, Issue 2The second issue of Volume 3 is online now, and will be in your mailbox soon.

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What’s Inside


  • Ginger’s Great US 2 Adventure – Many Cougar enthusiasts ventured to Dearborn for the 50th anniversary festivities. Most who drove took the quickest, shortest route possible. Not Neal Jacobson. Living in the Seattle area, he chose the two-lane back roads of US 2, the Great Northern Route. In a retro-flavored road trip, Neal presents his photo essay.
  • The Sooner Cougar – Like many of us, Randy Christian’s first car back in 1973 was a Mercury Cougar, a Lime Frost standard hardtop. Many years later, when the opportunity presented itself to buy a classic Cougar, instead of opting for a rare big-block model, Randy returned to his roots, purchasing another small-block 1967 Cougar. Wife Jeanne serves up a unique photographic portfolio showcasing Randy’s well-loved cat.
  • The Baby Bump Cougar – Cougar owner and enthusiast John Stavrou wanted to share his enthusiasm with his wife Jazzy. What could be a better way than for her to have her own Cougar? Secretly purchasing a 1970 convertible for her, he brought it back to life adding it to the family before the birth of their first child. They called upon their wedding photographer, Vera Francis, to showcase Jazzy’s 1970 ragtop.
  • End of the Line Cougar XR-7 – In 1973 the classic Cougar era was coming to an end, to be upsized into a luxury personal coupe for 1974 while the Mustang was downsized into the Mustang II. For Terry Dority, the Gen Three Cougar is the perfect 1970s classic. It’s best attribute? The European-inspired, flying buttress C-pillar styling.
  • T7: The Genesis of the Cougar, Part Two – The introduction of the Ford Falcon ushered in a new era at the Ford Motor Company as well as the rise through the sales ranks of the legendary Lee Iacocca. While the Falcon was the brainchild of ex-Ford President Robert McNamara, the Mustang would be Iacocca’s. After convincing Henry Ford II to invest $40,000,000 to launch the Mustang, it was an unprecedented success. It served as the foundation for the Cougar 30 months later.


  • Cat Tracks – Co-editor Rich Truesdell talks about the contributions of a new group of photographers, all women–Jeanne Christian, Vera Francis and Terry Dority–that contributed to this issue of Legendary Cougar Magazine.
  • Cougar Events – The 50th anniversary of the Mercury Cougar has been marked by great shows across the nation. Bill Basore covers events this spring in Tulsa, Carlisle and of course, Dearborn, birthplace of the Cougar.
  • Cougar People – A pioneer of the classic Cougar community and the founder of the Cougar Club of America, Tom Jacobellis, passed away in January. Bill Basore talked with Phil Parcells and together they pay tribute to his contribution to the hobby.
  • Cougar Bookshelf – At introduction of the Cougar in the fall of 1966, many Lincoln-Mercury dealerships lacked an in-stock Cougar on display in their showrooms. LCM Co-editor Bill Basore looks at how Mercury’s marketing team addressed the issue, with the production of an oversized brochure to keep enthusiasm high while production ramped up to meet unanticipated demand.
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