Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 3, Issue 4 Is Online Now!

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 3, Issue 4

The fourth issue of Volume 3 is online now, and will be in your mailbox soon.

Issue 4 has a distinctive “Eliminator” theme. It includes a look at Cougar-specific suspension offerings from Hotchkis Suspensions, a not-to-be-missed modified 1971 XR-7 hardtop, and a fond remembrance of Dan Gurney’s impact on the Cougar Community.

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What’s Inside


  • Canyon-Carving Cougar – Hotchkis is a well-known name in high-performance suspensions. Friend of LCM, Mark Fletcher, was approached by Hotchkis Suspensions to provide his barn-find 1968 hardtop to serve as the test mule as Hotchkis developed an aftermarket upgrade designed specifically for the first-generation 1967 and 1968 models.
  • Three of a Kind – The Eliminator was a mid-year offering in 1969, designed to give Mercury a competitor in the hotly contested muscle car class. The Stray Cat’s summer show in Cypress, California, attracted more than a half-dozen 1969 and 1970 Eliminators, including three Competition Blue ’70 models. Not to let a unique photo opportunity slip by, LCM co-editor Rich Truesdell corralled the cats, one owned by Ray Reinertson, the other two by Dave Wyrass.
  • Quick Silver – Over the last three years LCM has featured daily drivers and concours-winning restorations, but not many modified cars. We address that shortcoming with Randy and Liz Jackson’s beautiful Liquid Silver, early-build 1971 XR-7 hardtop. Co-editor Bill Basore tells its story while Jeanne and Randy Christian provide the images.
  • Sharpen Your Cat’s Claws – With its longer wheelbase, the 1967 and 1968 Cougars are different enough from the Mustang to require specific components to upgrade their suspension. Hotchkis Suspensions recognizes this and has developed a Cougar-specific kit. Bill Basore shows what’s involved in its installation.
  • Dan Gurney…Forever Young – Daniel Sexton Gurney passed away on January 14, 2018. Gurney set the standard as a driver, constructor, team owner, and inventor as well as a Cougar guy. Bill Basore looks back with help from images from the Ford Photo Archives at a life truly well-lived.


  • Cat Tracks – Co-editor Bill Basore makes the case for modifying your Cougar to make it safer and more reliable. The big idea is that the more comfortable your Cougar is in modern traffic the more likely you are to drive it.
  • Cougar Events – As Cougar’s 50th anniversary came to a close, it allowed owners one last chance to show off their cats. Rob and Georgina May cover a brand-new event, Muscle Mutts and Meows, that was held in Santa Maria on California’s scenic coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Cougar Collectibles – Contributing Editor at Large Rob May introduces us to the world of molded plastic and rubber Cougar collectibles. These are among the most unusual scale-model Cougars, are difficult to find, but still can be found at reasonable prices.
  • Cougar Bookshelf – There is an Eliminator theme to this issue of LCM. It all started on May 8, 1969 when the Eliminator was introduced to the motoring press. Rich Truesdell looks at one of the rarest of Cougar collectibles, the mid-year Eliminator press kit, but expect that it won’t be cheap.
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