Readers’ Rides

The answers to these questions will form the foundation of, and be edited into, a Readers’ Rides feature that will appear on the Legendary Cougar Magazine Facebook page. The text generally runs for about 250 words, and will tell the story of your Cougar to a readership that can’t get enough of classic Cougars.

Please answer the questions as if you are having a conversation with a fellow enthusiast. Please provide as much detail as possible; more is better than not having enough. With the exception of the spelling of any names you want to include, don’t worry about spelling or grammar, we’ll handle all that on our end. Please help us tell your car’s story and history.

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    1. First, a bit about you. Your personal 411: family status, occupation, and where you live. People want to know a little bit about who you are, what you do, and where you live. For example, this information might end up like this: Susan is an attorney living in Memphis raising two sons. (required)

    2. Talk about your experience as a car enthusiast and especially, how it factors into your enthusiasm for classic Mercury Cougars from 1967 to 1973. Is the car being profiled your first Cougar? If not, please talk about other classic Cougars you've owned over the years. (required)

    3. How did you come to acquire the Cougar being featured? Talk about how you found it, what its condition and mileage were when you acquired it, and what attracted you to this particular Cougar. (required)

    4. After acquiring the car, what did it need to be brought up to its current presentation? If the car required restoration, talk about the process. Did you do the work yourself? If not, are there people and shops that you would like to mention? If your car is a project, what are your plans and dreams? Is this a family project? What inspired you to take on this project? (required)

    5. What do you think is the car's best attribute? (required)

    6. What are your plans for your Cougar? Will you be attending any shows? Racing? Travel or Cruising? (required)

    7. Since your car's story will be seen by hundreds of Cougar enthusiasts, what would you like to say that wasn't covered in the previous questions?

    8. If you have one, please provide a scan of your Marti Report in PDF or JPEG format. (Optional, maximum file size 1 MB.)

    9. If you don't have a Marti Report, please include the numbers and letters of your VIN and trim tag so that we can decode your car.

    10. Please include a scan of your window sticker or build sheet if you have them in PDF or JPEG format. (Optional, maximum file size 1 MB each.)

      Window Sticker:

      Build Sheet:

    11. Please provide a list of known factory options as well as your engine/transmission combination.

    12. Please provide up to four images of your car. (Maximum file size 256 KB each.)