Volume 1 Issue 5 Is Online Now

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 is available online now.

In Issue 5, we’ve added a new department called “Cougar Marketplace,” which will follow recent sales of classic Cougars. This month, we look at the recent auctions held in Arizona and Florida. As we near the end of Volume 1, we’re looking forward to Volume 2. In Cat Tracks, co-editors Bill Basore and Rich Truesdell review the past year and look at what the future may hold for Legendary Cougar Magazine.

You will also find two very useful tech articles detailing volt meter installation and a three-wire tachometer installation perfect for high-energy ignition systems.

Of course, Issue 5 is all about your cars, including a beautiful Madras Blue 1968 XR7-G owned by Scott Ferguson, the one-of-344 1969 390-powered XR-7 convertible owned by Steve and Zana Goulding, and last but not least, our Issue 5 cover girl, the 1972 XR-7 convertible owned by Gene Mullenberg.

In This Issue


  • G Is for Gurney – From his first encounter with sequential tail lights, Scott Ferguson has had a lifelong love affair with the Mercury Cougar. He talks about how it took a decade to add a Madras Blue 1968 XR7-G to his collection.
  • One Rare Cat – The 390 V-8 powered many Ford Motor Company products since 1961, but 1969 was its swan song in the Cougar. Steve and Zana Goulding own a 390-powered XR-7 convertible with the automatic transmission option, one of only 344 produced that year.
  • Volt Meter Installation 101 – Bill Basore explains why installing a volt meter in your Cougar is a good idea.
  • From Deep in the Heart of Texas – It seems that when LCM needs a third-generation feature car, all eyes turn to Texas. Contributor Gene Mullenberg gets an opportunity to talk with Editor Rich Truesdell about his 1972 XR-7 convertible, which he has owned for more than four decades.
  • Tachometer Technology: Three Wires Are Better Than Two – Cougar tech guru Bill Basore explains how to install a three-wire tach, bypassing the ignition circuit completely, essential when installing a high-energy ignition.


  • Cat Tracks – Co-editors Bill Basore and Rich Truesdell look back on Year One of Legendary Cougar Magazine, give a preview of our plans for Year Two, and issue a call to reach more Classic Cougar Community enthusiasts.
  • Cougar MarketplaceLCM introduces a new department where we track recent sales of classic Cougars. This first installment looks at recent auctions in Arizona and Florida.
  • Mercury Archeology – The year 1968 was an important year for the Mercury Division as it introduced the XR7-G model. Mercury Archeology unearths two rare XR7-G promotional items from a local dealer ad featuring Hall of Famer Bobby Hull.
  • The Cougar Bookshelf – The essential Cougar bookshelf should include two long out-of-print books, Mercury Cougar 1967-1987 by Gary Witzenburg and Mercury Muscle Cars by David Newhardt. Bill Basore explains where to find both.
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