Volume 1 Issue 6 Is Online Now

Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6Legendary Cougar Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6 is available online now.

We have an impressively eclectic group of Cougars in this month’s issue, ranging from all-out performance in the 427-equipped GT-E, to a 1969 Sports Special, the only Cougar that legitimately could be called a Shelby. It’s Shelby Cloth interior makes it one of the most rare and unusual Cougars every built.

The pristine 1973 XR-7 convertible we feature is the closest to a brand-new Cougar we’ve ever seen, with only 471 original miles on the clock.  At the time it was built, it was believed it would be the last convertible ever manufactured by Ford Motor Company.

In this month’s edition of Cougar People, we look at David Davidson’s collection of seven classic Cougars and discover that his most-cherished Cougars are not necessarily the most rare in his collection.

Owning a Cougar doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone; the reasons people love Cougars are as distinctly different as the cars you’ll find in this issue.

In This Issue


  • Big, Bad Black Cat – Brian Aust went on a quest to establish the value of the 1968 Cougar GT-E. This involved the purchase and restoration of not one but two GT-Es, one of which sold for $181,500 at the Barrett-Jackson in 2011. This is the story of the GT-E he kept, the award winning “Blackie.”
  • A Different Sort of Shelby – With a completely new exterior and interior for 1969, Mercury attempted to broaden the Cougar’s appeal. One way was to offer unique trim options such as the Shelby Check cloth vinyl trim option. Was this an attempt to span the gap between the standard and XR-7 models?
  • Let There Be Light – Bill Basore explains how to safely install halogen headlights in a classic Cougar. It’s not as simple as swapping out the bulbs. To do it right, you must install a relay. As a bonus, Bill shows how to install a horn relay, eliminating anemic-sounding horns.
  • The Last Convertible – In the summer of 1973, it looked like the end for the convertible, but it would not go uncelebrated. Ford invited the press and threw a party. This is the story of the “last” convertible built by Ford Motor Company.


  • Cat Tracks – Co-editor Rich Truesdell gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he shot six Cougars when he expected to shoot just one, and how Design Director Brian Veit took the cover photo and gave it an otherworldly, almost Tim Burton look.
  • Event CoverageLegendary Cougar Magazine makes its annual pilgrimage to Buena Park, California for the 2015 edition of Fabulous Fords Forever! where more than a dozen classic Cougars were displayed. LCM selects our eight favorite cats.
  • Cougar PeopleLCM visits David Davidson, best known for his knowledge of vintage guitars but also the owner of an impressive collection of seven classic Cougars, five of which are profiled in the biggest story in LCM’s history. Among the cars is the Barrie Poole-tuned Canadian Cobra Jet drag car.
  • Mercury Archeology – The year is 1968 and the GT-E stands atop the Cougar line up. In this issue’s installment of Mercury Archeology, we look at the salesman’s sales guide, the two-page brochure spread and a cutaway of Ford’s legendary 427 V-8.
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